Becoming His Story 
A book by Mary-Elsie Wolfe

We are participating in changes that will soon define this
period in history!

As followers of Jesus, we want to immerse ourselves in this living story while learning from Jesus, living like Jesus and leading like Jesus so we may apply his principles and become transformational participants in the best story ever told. Gaining God’s full blessing in partnership with what he is doing in our world today needs everyone engaged—not just some! It becomes our duty to help instill a sense of identity and worth in both genders in a Biblical way that will lead us to the full uninhibited potential of Christ’s church as we carry out his mandate. With a view towards helping us understand these principles by first identifying our own worldview, and better understanding the culture in which Jesus lived, the author applies the values of Jesus to the model for leadership today. Mary-Elsie Wolfe offers us a vision for the future that is leading-edge yet moderate, traditional yet progressive. Drawing upon key Bible stories of women in Jesus’ day, our view of the future is enlarged as believers as she looks at the prominence of women in the early church and then applies key principles in an effective way for our day. If we want to lead like Jesus, as Jesus defines leadership for us, we must apply these foundational leadership principles to our times while still wrapping everything in the truth of the love of God for his people and his work

– Mary-Elsie Wolfe

The Author

Mary-Elsie Wolfe is a communicator, Faith Builder, and passionate leader focused on investing in people’s potential. With leadership experience in both corporate and not-for-profit environments, she has a natural affinity for people and networking.

Her doctoral dissertation tackled culture, leadership and global impact. Mary-Elsie loves to steer people toward good questions about God and have them consider the life impact of their answers. Her two daughters, both competitive dancers, make her a dance mom! They, with her husband, keep her humble, busy and inspired.

Mary-Elsie is embarking on a new project with her best friend and husband, Grant, in Orleans, ON. She holds a DMin from Fuller, an MDiv from Tyndale and an undergraduate in politics.

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Publication Information

ISBN: 192-7355524
Paperback: 136 pages

Published: First Ed. Apr 3, 2017;
Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Castle Quay Books

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